Zonal & State level competitions will be held on 9th & 10th April 2019



The Smart Brain is a Mega Quiz Show in Kerala and Middle East coordinated by Race Education and Mangement Solutions and the knowledge partner is race2ias.com. This quiz competition covers all Schools across Kerala,Bahrain and Qatar and the students from 5th standard onwards can participate.Season 1 , 2 & 3 have successfully completed in 2015 , 2016 and 2017respectively and the participation crosses 1.5 lakh. Cash prizes and certificates will be issued for the winners and total 7 lakhs rupees worth prizes are waiting.


Our primary aim at ensuring the complete participation from all the schools and students from all schools spread far and wide across Kerala ,Bahrain and Qatar.The competition also has the motive to strengthen the bond and cooperative attitude between member institutions under the fraternity. Since this is the only mega television quiz show, we expect the registration from all the eligible Students and all the Teachers in to this Mega Quiz competition. This is a grand opportunity to showcase the brilliance of our children


This Mega Quiz show has 4 levels of competition. Preliminary written test in Schools itself, District level , Zonal level and Grand Finale. The preliminary level starts in November 2018 and end up with Grand Finale in February/April 2019. Every participant can attend the preliminary written quiz at their own school itself. From District level(In Middle East Zonal Level) onwards verbal quiz show will be started. All school students across Kerala , Bahrain & Qatar from 5th standard to 12th standard can participate in this quiz competition.


In Smart Brain Season 1 Flowers TV was the telecasting partner, in Smart Brain Season 2 Jaihind TV and Season 3 Janam Tv as well.It is the only Quiz show of Confederation of Sahodaya Complexes is being telecasted in television.Season 4 telecasting will be started on May to August 2019.Previous seasons telecasting episodes can be viewew in Youtube channel.It is the only Mega Quiz Show for school students is being telecasted in television.

Who can join?

Students from all Schools across Kerala,Bahrain & Qatar

5 to 8 – Juniors
9 to 12 – Seniors

How do a school can register?

Online registration through website

registration Season 4
Enter the details in the registration form
Upload the online form,submit

Highlights of the programme

  • Odyssia Smartbrain launched in Middle East also
  • Participation of more than 150000 students and 10000 teachers in last 3 years
  • Mega Show for all students which is being telecasted in Television
  • Flowers channel was the partner in season 1 , Jaihind channel in season 2 and Janam TV in Season 3
  • RACE Solutions, Cochin who are the Educational experts will be the coordinating partner this season as well.
  • A grand opportunity to showcase the brilliance of students.



Attractive prizes in all levels & all categories. Total prizes worth 7 lakhs.


Finale Prizes

1st – Rs. 20000/-

2nd – Rs. 15000/-

3rd – Rs. 10000/-

(Certificates + Mementos)

(in each category)


Level Prizes

1st – Rs. 3000/-

2nd – Rs. 2000/-

(Certificates + Mementos)

(in each category)


Level Prizes

1st – Rs. 2000/-

2nd – Rs. 1000/-


(Certificates + Mementos)

(in each category)


Level Prizes

Certificate of Appreciation to School level toppers



Smart Brain a Mega Quiz Competition for all Schools across Kerala,Bahrain & Qatar. Confederation is very grateful
to each and every member school for the whole hearted support we received from you for the last two years.


Season 1

Confederation of Kerala Sahodaya Complexes successfully completed Smartbrain Season 1 in 2015.


Season 2

Confederation of Kerala Sahodaya Complexes conducted Smartbrain Season 2 in 2016 and the participation crosses 1 lakh.


Season 3

Confederation of Kerala Sahodaya Complexes proudly announces the 3rd Season of our flagship programme.


Season 4

The Smart Brain is a Mega Quiz Show in Kerala and Middle East coordinated by Race Education and Mangement Solutions



Author & Activist
Quiz Master of Smart Brain Season 1 & 2

I had opportunities to be part of many quiz programmes from my school days. Undoubtedly “Smart Brain” is the best one I have participated in. This quiz is holistic, intelligent, informative and inspiring.

Project Director
Smart Brain Quiz

Indeed it was a great experience to meet so many little masters in quiz among CBSE schools across Kerala through Smart Brain Season 1 & 2. Now the Season 3 has already launched. Wish you a great success.

Chief Executive Officer
Race Solutions

Race Solutions is very thankful to Confederation of Sahodayas for giving us this wonderful opportunity to be a part of this Mega Event. Tremendous participation of schools and television presence made this show, one of the most popular quizzes in South India.